Children under the knife

A couple weeks ago the New York Times reported a story about tooth decay in toddlers. I must say I was shocked and horrified…and realized once again the need for education. Turns out these parents didn’t realize they needed to brush their children’s teeth or decided it wasn’t worth the effort becuase of how hard it is. It is hard. We used to have to just about completely immobolize our child so that we could brush her teeth. Luckily, while she was screaming she opened her mouth. I am pretty relaxed about parenting but this is one area I won’t let go off under any circumstances–too many horrible dental experiences as a kid. The summary from the article was to get kids’ teeth checked at their 1st birthday, brush their teeth twice a day and not let them drink juice all the time. Our pediatrician told us this stuff — what I’d like to know is are other doctors not doing due dilligence about informing parents about how best to take care of their children? If not why not? Also, why aren’t parents paying more attention?