Skulls travel cross country

I gave my friend and collegue, Reni Gower, a skull while we were in LA. She took it back to Richmond, VA and had a lot of fun with it — from a visitImage 

to her accountant, the hardware store, even the VMFA!


I was talking about the Too Much project just today with one of those super insightful friends (thanks Barbara!) who got me to realize that, in addition to whatever particular idea my art is about (identity, pharmaceuticals, bioethics, sugar, etc.), that what I really end up doing is making work about bringing together a community — it gives me great pleasure to have Reni actually take the time to take a skull across the country and shoot it in so many places, then send me the photos. I think what I really try to do is bring people together over art…get folks talking about something, debating its construct, coming up with new connections and new ideas. Making &!*@! happen, which works so much better when many people are moved to do something….ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Skull loving Skateboarders


When I was in Los Angeles looking for places to place the work I asked a group of skateboarders if I could shoot the skulls on one of their boards. They agreed then let me video them while they practiced. They asked about the skulls and I told them about the “Too Much” project. One of the them said he tried to not eat too much sugar and exercise, but hurt himself on the board. I was really impressed that he was obviously paying attention to his body.